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  • Male face Dinky Stamp set is the small version of the male face (mini/standard) but complete, they work together beautifully with the female sets.


    This set includes two faces/heads and the neck/shoulders which is separate, making stamping the portrait easier, this would help if you wanted to tilt the head. You can stamp the torso on patterned or coloured paper to create unique clothing and many other options. There are also some very dinky star clusters too.


    This is a fun set to help you achieve lots of different looks! Why not compliment this set with it's coordinating Mixed Media Templates to help build a whole portrait... as seen in the sample pictures. There are currently four male hairstyles available, and you will only need one dinky face stamp set with torso to build the portraits, as it's the same face for each hairstyle.


    All you need to stamp a face whether you're stamping on fabric, canvas, substrates or cardstock. This set includes the head and torso templates to help with masking etc.

    Male Face Dinky Stamp Set

    • Measures approximately

      • Face/Head ~ 4 x 5cm(1 1/2 x 2")
      • Neck image ~ 4 x 10cm(1 1/2 x 4") when stamped upright(as the sample).
      • Star clusters ~ 1.5 x 2cm(5/8 x 6 1/8")

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